Merit Award 1

14th Solar Art Prize Exhibition, 2023

$3,000 voucher for solar products from NTS Prospect

Bev Bills “ Maskeletal Remains” plastic recycled mask clips, 55 x 40cm Extremely rare find of a complete maskelatal of a maskapator found locally as road-kill, outside a local hospital. The discarded skeletal remains are a puzzle.

Three small polished wooden blocks support three shapes made out of white plastic. Most of plastic pieces are square, with a hole near one edge; two of the shapes end in plastic arches with a hole at each end. One shape is an inverted arch, another is a wavy arch, and the third twists and rotates back on itself like a tormented snake.

Merit Award 2

14th Solar Art Prize Exhibition, 2023

$3,000 voucher for solar products from NTS Prospect

Anne Allen- “Evanesce”, mosaic, glass, 52 x 80cm This mosaic highlights the relationship between the red-tail black cockatoo and its habitat and its decline over time as a result of human activity and dominance.

A rectangular shape has a background filled with small uneven rectangles of green glass, which are bright green at the left but gradually darken so they are mostly black at the right. There are 5 upright black feathers lined up with a red centre which diminishes in size and angle in each feather, forming an arrow to the right.

Merit Award 3

14th Solar Art Prize Exhibition, 2023

$3,000 voucher for solar products from NTS Prospect

Will Powrie – “Cobalt Lust ”, steel, copper, rock, 210 x 50cm An interpretation of cobalt mining in the Congo and the resulting environmental and human catastrophy spurred on by the green energy revolution.

A picture of a rusty metal stand with a pitchfork head on one side and a bird wing on the other. The bird wing is red and gold at the top and cobalt on the bottom.

Merit Award 4

14th Solar Art Prize Exhibition, 2023

$3,000 voucher for solar products from NTS Prospect

Terry McDermot – “In the presence of time”, acrylic on board, 105 x175cm

Two images show sea under a bright sky. The second image is much brighter.

Solar Art Prize exhibition opens

Two white sea creature skeletons looking like shells with bone tentacles. The end of every tentacle is painted gold so it looks like a claw.
M. Dobson A Whiter Shade (detail) Last year’s Overall Winner

The leading environmental Art Prize Exhibition for South Australia is about to show off the beauty of nature & challenge us with creative ideas on climate change.

It will showcase the rare, the beautiful & the ugly – both amusing & unusual from one of the rarest plants in the world found in a secret location of South Australia to lovely paintings, textile, sculptures and photos.

14th Solar Art Prize – Caring For Our Planet will be opened by Dr Mark Keppel, Principal Hydrologist for Environment and Water of SA, Phd FRSASA

2:00pm Sunday 26 March 2023

Royal South Australian Society of Arts Gallery

Level 1, Institute Building

Corner North Terrace and Kintore Avenue, Adelaide

Phone 8232 0450

The exhibition will be held 24 March – 23 April 2023

10:30 – 3:30 weekdays and 1:00 – 3:30 weekends

Closed Public Holidays and Easter

14th Solar Art Prize launched

Two white sea creature skeletons looking like shells with bone tentacles.  The end of every tentacle is painted gold so it looks like a claw.
M Dobson A Whiter Shade (detail)
Overall winner of 2021 13th Solar Art Prize

We are delighted to be welcoming entries for the 14th annual Solar Art Prize in South Australia, with $60,000 worth of prizes to be won.

Prizes include a Natural Technology Systems, Prospect voucher for $5,000 worth of fully installed Solar Q Cell Panels / solar hot water / battery / low power refrigerator / composting toilet / solar pool pumps.

This will be the 14th year in a row that the privately funded Solar Art Prize has been held, representing a total of $490,140 of solar product vouchers and metro tickets awarded to South Australian artists.

Art of any style in any medium is accepted for judging by a different team of independent judges every year.

The urgency of reducing carbon emissions can no longer wait on government, foreign powers or anyone else to take responsibility. We must do what we can – NOW.

This is your chance to express your feelings about climate change, laud those who are helping, and satirise those who are not helping.

Terms and conditions and the entry form may be found on our 14th Solar Art Prize page.

Solar Art Prize exhibition

Saturday 9 April – Saturday 30 April 2022 (closed Easter 15 -18 April)

Monday – Friday 10.30 – 3.30pm

Saturday 1 – 3.30pm

Come and see the finalists and the winning entries at the Royal South Australian Art Society gallery on the first floor of the Institute Building which is on the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue.

Don’t be tricked by the staircase nearest to North Terrace – it won’t take you there! Take the staircase in the middle of the building, or the lifts.

Winners of 2022 Solar Art Prize announced

Climate change, nature and the environment; expressed through landscapes, seascapes, wild fauna or flora or environmentally aware people or thought-provoking images.

Winners receive Natural Technology Systems Prospect vouchers towards the purchase of Solar Q Cell Panels/solar hot water/battery/refrigerator (low power)/composting toilet/or solar pool pump –  Winners choice – All fully installed.

Prizes are transferrable to family or friends in South Australia.

GUEST SPEAKER at opening Saturday 9th April 2022

Professor Bronwyn Gillanders – Marine scientist

 JUDGES in 2022:

Janet Ayliffe – artist & teacher

Rod Bax – artist & teacher

Megan Roodenrys – artist & teacher

Also thank you to Natural Technology Systems, Prospect, who have not only honoured our vouchers since 2010 but have sponsored a major prize in the competition since 2016.

Logo featuring a windmill over green grass under a red sun beside waves, and the words Natural Technology Systems Energy Consultants.