Winners of 2024 Solar Art Prize announced

5 Merit prizes were awarded

Each winner received $100 for Metro tickets and a book about climate change.

Helen Bakhoff  for Treasures grow in rocks

A framed picture of red, green, blue and gold beads forming a shape like seaweed on a rock.

Margaret Walsh for Weighing ability to sustain

An image of three small birds beside an overflowing money jar looking up at a set of scales with one side holding animals and birds and the other, heavier side, holding mechanical toys and clocks. Behind is a globe of the earth showing travel across the United States and a plane flying overhead. In front is the skeleton of a dinosaur. On the other side of the picture is a set of unused weights and cigarette butts and a toy ambulance on its side.

Sarah Vandepeer for Before During & After

4 framed pictures of the same scene showing trees beside a road and cultivated land with hills in the background. The first picture is green and healthy, the second red and overcast, the third grey and red with most trees gone except for one dead tree, and the fourth picture is green again, with the dead tree still there but new trees growing behind.

Brenton Mitchell for DNA of an extinction event

A parchment with lines looking like text, actually made up of more rolled up parchment material.

Libby Tozer for Sea ghost and We are all connected

A gallery of 12 square sea-themed images: three women's bodies holding hands under water; three women sitting on the sand holding hands and lifting their faces to the sky; many dead fish on the sand; three women holding hands under water; one woman blowing bubbles under water; one woman in a fishing net; one woman swimming underwater; a large net going into the sea; a woman in a net; four women walking into the sea, arms upraised; a sea wave; two women swimming in the waves.
Three images: a fish shape made of small metallic objects; a tree shape made of the same small objects; a bold sunset with rays of clouds shaped like the tree.