14th Solar Art Prize launched

Two white sea creature skeletons looking like shells with bone tentacles.  The end of every tentacle is painted gold so it looks like a claw.
M Dobson A Whiter Shade (detail)
Overall winner of 2021 13th Solar Art Prize

We are delighted to be welcoming entries for the 14th annual Solar Art Prize in South Australia, with $60,000 worth of prizes to be won.

Prizes include a Natural Technology Systems, Prospect voucher for $5,000 worth of fully installed Solar Q Cell Panels / solar hot water / battery / low power refrigerator / composting toilet / solar pool pumps.

This will be the 14th year in a row that the privately funded Solar Art Prize has been held, representing a total of $490,140 of solar product vouchers and metro tickets awarded to South Australian artists.

Art of any style in any medium is accepted for judging by a different team of independent judges every year.

The urgency of reducing carbon emissions can no longer wait on government, foreign powers or anyone else to take responsibility. We must do what we can – NOW.

This is your chance to express your feelings about climate change, laud those who are helping, and satirise those who are not helping.

Terms and conditions and the entry form may be found on our 14th Solar Art Prize page.