Winners of 2022 Solar Art Prize announced

Climate change, nature and the environment; expressed through landscapes, seascapes, wild fauna or flora or environmentally aware people or thought-provoking images.

Winners receive Natural Technology Systems Prospect vouchers towards the purchase of Solar Q Cell Panels/solar hot water/battery/refrigerator (low power)/composting toilet/or solar pool pump –  Winners choice – All fully installed.

Prizes are transferrable to family or friends in South Australia.

GUEST SPEAKER at opening Saturday 9th April 2022

Professor Bronwyn Gillanders – Marine scientist

 JUDGES in 2022:

Janet Ayliffe – artist & teacher

Rod Bax – artist & teacher

Megan Roodenrys – artist & teacher

Also thank you to Natural Technology Systems, Prospect, who have not only honoured our vouchers since 2010 but have sponsored a major prize in the competition since 2016.

Logo featuring a windmill over green grass under a red sun beside waves, and the words Natural Technology Systems Energy Consultants.