Material Prize – e) textiles/3D/ recycled/books & others

Winner: Zara Zannettino, Absurd Birds, textile, 53 x 153cm

Sewn picture shows two birds with floppy crests, sharp beaks, bald blue faces with spots on their cheeks, floppy red growths over their noses covering the front of their cheeks, feathers like drooping collars, and dots on their fat round feathered bodies. One bird faces the front but its eyes are focused to the side; the other bird faces the side. The background is lines of sewn blue and yellow to signify sky and clouds.
Sewn picture shows same sort of absurd looking birds as the first picture, but this time there are 3 of them, one bent looking enquiringly to the side and the other two with their heads up looking the other way.
Final image of the strange looking birds. There are two birds, one looking forwards as if surprised, the other looking the the right as if a bit annoyed.