Winners of the 12th Solar Art Prize

We are delighted to announce this year’s winners. Due to a technicality, we are not able to post images of the winning artworks at this time, but we are working on it! We also may need to correct some of the spelling. We hope this bare-bones announcement will suffice in the meantime.

The judges commented that it was such a strong exhibition, they awarded two extra prizes.

Overall prize

Elizabeth Doidge with Man Leaving the Land and Windmill

Second overall prize

Paul Whitehead with Australia: The Cracks Are Showing

Section 1 – Climate Change – results and causes OR People who harm the environment

First prize

Pamela Ilert with Oceans of Plastic

Second prize

Tony Catalano with Exploitation

Section 2– People who help the environment

Iroda Adil with Robin (sustainable farmer)

Section 3 – Natural Environment – Endangered or wild fauna or flora in land or seascape

First prize

David Braun with Once Proud and Tall

Second prize

Maiko Pettman with Whispers from a Forest, A, B and C

4 Merit Prizes

David Baker with Thread of Life

Carole Bann with Abundance

Jan Makaev with Foot Valve

Margaret Thomas with Plastic Spoons/Spoons Never Die

Hangers’ Prize

Iroda Adil with Robin (sustainable farmer)

Aussie Animal Sanctuary Prizes

Jing Wei Bu with Installation with Video of Reef

Hadley Johnson with End of the Line